Aid to Israel


Protective equipment

Delivering aid depending on most urgent need. Critical protective aid, such as vests, eye gear, boots, and helmets to those defending Israel.


Israel Friends is directly engaged with senior officials within the Ministry of Defense, Intelligence Corps, and Commando Units to provide technological and advanced military equipment to provide a qualitative edge for Israeli soldiers in various situations.


Individual First Aid Kits are among the most requested and needed items in Ukraine. These IFAKs contain 18 lifesaving components including interventions for two of the leading causes of death, severe hemorrhage and inadequate air supply. 

Civilian Guard

The Civilian Guard, is a dedicated group of volunteer first responders who serve as the frontline defense in their respective Israeli communities. Comprising brave men and women from various backgrounds, these volunteers stand ready to protect their neighbors and loved ones in times of crisis.

Donations mean nothing if the money cannot quickly and efficiently be turned into vital supplies on the ground where they are most needed.

Our commitment to Israel goes beyond the conventional. From delivering critical aid and supplies including protective vests, helmets, and defensive drones, to hiking boots and individual first aid kits directly to the front lines.

Our dedication to Israel transcends geographical boundaries, and we believe that combating rising antisemitism, especially on our college campuses, in addition to providing critical aid directly to Israel, is integral to fostering a safer world for all.

Israel and the Jewish people have a right to exist. Join us as we fight for and with them. 

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“It is our responsibility to help Israel protect its civilians.”


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