Current Projects

Current Projects

Israel Friends offers support that moves beyond convention, with an extensive list of programs that evolve based on real-time requirements. Donations fund humanitarian aid that meets tangible needs, while programs like Shabbats and BBQs offer spiritual solidarity and hope to those affected by the devastating impact of war.

Your contributions both meet and go beyond immediate needs. Your aid not only supports individuals but also assists in Israel’s overall victory and subsequent efforts to rebuild. Stay updated on the changing list of programs to see how can make a difference.

Donations mean nothing if the money cannot quickly and efficiently be turned into vital supplies on the ground where they are most needed.

Highlighted projects

Humanitarian Aid

Delivering aid depending upon urgent need. Can include anything from sleeping bags, protein bars, and socks, to equipping shelters with wifiand sending children and families to pray and heal.

Medical aid

Delivering critical medical aid ranging from IFAKs with tourniquets, to hospital beds and body bags.

Protective equipment

Delivering critical protective aid, such as vests, eye gear, boots, and helmets to those defending Israel.

Shabbat Dinners/BBQs

Boosting morale and providing comfort for IDF soldiers with BBQs and Shabbat Dinners.

Winter Kits

Including thermals, jackets, face coverings, and headlamps for IDF soldiers to ensure warmth and temperature regulation in the field.


Delivering replacement hiking boots to IDF soldiers to keep their feet warm and dry.

Hospital Beds

There’s a significant shortage of beds in Israel – this project focused on Transporting 420 hospital beds from the US to Israel.

Duffel Bags

Duffel Bags

Providing duffel bags filled with essential medical supplies, delivered via commercial El-Al flight.

Thermal Uniforms

Temperatures are dropping in Israel and there is a pressing need to provide our soldiers with the warmth and protection they deserve.

Defensive drones

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all funds are allocated directly to the most current pressing needs. If you would like your donation to be used for something specific, please contact us!

“It is our responsibility to help Israel protect its civilians.”


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